A Time of New Talents

For a successful career in the creative video industry (VFX) you will need to start from scratch and master every lesson ahead of you. Creating a personal portfolio, gaining work experience and mastering software for manipulating videos and photos are the initial steps of every future VFX artist.

Barbara Abdoli has been a member of the Mosquito Video and Animation studio from Belgrade for two years and works as a VFX artist, and she discovered her penchant for creative expression as a teenager. She graduated in Stage Costume at the Faculty of Applied Arts, and after completing her undergraduate studies, she completed her master’s academic studies at Metropolitan University.

She was registered in the records of the National Employment Service for only three months, and very soon she received an invitation from Crater Studio to complete her internship. After the internship, she has been employed in the Mosquito Video and Animation studio from Belgrade.

Every beginning is difficult, but the experiences of young, hard-working, and talented people confirm that this rule has exceptions. Barbara says that she never gave up and that the most important lesson is that she learned to listen to people who are more experienced than her.